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L:104 - Sorry, an issue happened when receiving the stream


If the Shadow launcher cannot connect and start the video stream, the launcher will display the following error code: L-104.

We invite you to try the following solutions if you have a L-104 error.

​Step 1: Try the Display Safe Mode

Sometimes, issues with L-104 can be related to the display settings. Here's how you can try the Display Safe Mode:

Open the Shadow launcher.

Click the Help button.

Click the Display Safe Mode button.

Step 2: Reset Settings and Then Use Display Safe Mode

You can try resetting your settings and then apply Display Safe Mode:

In the Shadow launcher, click on the Settings button.

Under the General section, click "Advanced Settings", then click "Reset settings" to reset all the launcher settings by default.

Confirm the reset.

After the reset is complete, go back and try again to launch Shadow with Display Safe Mode by clicking this button: .

Step 3: Activate IPV4 connection

In the Shadow launcher, click on the Settings button.

Under the Network section, click "Advanced Settings".

Enable "Launch Shadow on IPV4 connection".

Start your Shadow.

Note:Keep in mind that you may need to reapply the IPV4 connection each time you restart Shadow.

You can see more information about IPV4 and IPV6 in our Helpcenter article.

Step 4: Contact Shadow Support and Send Logs

If Shadow still displays the L-104 error message after following the previous steps, please get in touch with our support team.

Please consider sending logs to the support team to aid in diagnosing the problem effectively.

Still have questions after reading this article?

Feel free to check out our other articles.

You can also contact Shadow support via our form.