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G:468 - Your Shadow is under maintenance


If you encounter the error message "Your Shadow is under maintenance. Please try again later" when starting your Shadow, it could be attributed to one of the following reasons:

  • If you've recently subscribed to Shadow, the activation process may take a few days. You should expect to receive an email notifying you of activation and instructing you to connect once it's completed.

  • If your Shadow has already been activated and you've had prior access, this message can indicate that your Shadow is currently undergoing maintenance and requires some time to complete the process.

  • If you've reset your Shadow, waited for 30 minutes, and still receive this error message, you can attempt another reset to resolve the issue and allow you to access your Shadow.

To ensure a seamless experience with your Shadow PC, follow the provided steps according to your specific situation.

You will not be able to access your Shadow during maintenance. Please wait until the maintenance operation is finished to regain access to your Shadow PC.

Maintenance is necessary for the proper operation and improvement of Shadow. You can stay up-to-date with planned maintenance events via the newsletter and social media. If you have not received a recent maintenance announcement newsletter, please check your spam folder.



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