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I ordered additional storage but didn't see it on my Shadow


Please completely stop your Shadow before ordering extra storage. If you didn't do it before, please stop it and wait 1h or 2h before restarting it. Your Shadow should be updated with the additional storage.
If it's not the case and/or it is marked as deactivated as the following screenshot, please don't touch anything and contact Shadow Support:


When you order additional storage, it can happen that the disk doesn’t update to the normal size automatically. First of all, you have to check the available space on your Shadow.

First connect to your Shadow and open a File Explorer. Right click on “This PC” and choose Manage. In the Computer Management window, click on Disk Management on the left panel:


On the next display, you can see all disks available on your Shadow:


The Disk 0 corresponds to the main disk, where Windows is installed. Don’t touch this one, in any case !

The Disk 1 is your additional storage. You can see here that your additional disk has been updated with the storage ordered but the disk partition has not been updated.

In this case, you have two possibilities:

Resize the additional disk

Right click on the primary partition of Disk 1 and choose Extend Volume…


The disk wizard will be launched and let you choose how much size you want to add to your disk. Choose the maximum amount.


Here is the final result. The disk will appear with the correct size in your File Explorer now.


Create a new partition

In the Disk Management window, right click on the unallocated space and choose New Simple Volume...


In the Disk Wizard, choose the maximum disk space available:


Do not change anything on the next step:


In the Format Partition windows, choose following options in Format this volume with the following settings:


  • File system: NTFS

  • Allocation unit size: Default

  • Volume label: Choose any name you want to

  • Only check Perform a quick format option.

Here is the final result after validation in the Computer Manager:


And the result in the File Explorer: