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Using the NVIDIA Control Panel in Shadow


If you've tried using the Quick Menu to set your resolution and refresh rate, you can also use the NVIDIA Control Panel to achieve your desired settings. Changing your resolution or refresh rate may resolve issues causing Shadow's screen to appear small, distorted, or stretched.

In the NVIDIA Control Panel, there are two ways you can change Shadow's resolution and refresh rate:

    1. Choose a Preconfigured Resolution, which lets you choose your resolution and refresh rate from a list.

    2. Create a Custom Resolution, which lets you set your own resolution and refresh rate.

🚨 Warning:

  • A recent NVIDIA update may cause issues when creating a custom resolution in Shadow. See our Known Issues for updates.

  • When choosing your resolution and refresh rate, keep the following in mind:

    • Do not exceed your screen's resolution or refresh rate.

    • If your resolution is higher than 1080p, choose a 60Hz refresh rate. Shadow is not supporting more than 4k on 60Hz. If you want to use an higher refresh rate, you'll have to decrease your resolution (1920 x 1080 for example).

  • Check our Other Tips for changing the resolution and refresh rate.

Choose a Preconfigured Resolution

Follow these instructions to choose from a list of resolution and refresh rate options in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

      1. Right-click the Shadow desktop, then click NVIDIA Control Panel.


        If the NVIDIA Control Panel is not listed,
        update the graphics drivers.

      2. Under Display, click Change Resolution.

      3. Use the list of options provided to choose your resolution and refresh rate.


If the NVIDIA Control Panel does not allow you to choose your desired resolution or refresh rate, create a custom resolution below.

Create a Custom Resolution

Follow these instructions to create your own resolution and refresh rate.

      1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel under Change Resolution, click Customize....


        💡 Tip: Trouble clicking the Customize... button? Try choosing a resolution or refresh rate from the list above to continue.

      2. On the next window, click Create Custom Resolution....


      3. Under the Resolution settings, change the:

        1. Horizontal pixels

        2. Vertical lines

        3. Refresh rate

        4. Standard (set to CVT reduced blank)


      4. Click Test at the bottom of the window.

      5. If the test is successful, click Yes to apply these changes.


        If the test was not successful, your settings may not be compatible with your current setup.

Other Tips

  1. Enable Safe Mode

    Use your Shadow's settings to enable Safe Mode, which disables automatic resolution detection and allows you to connect to Shadow based on your previous settings.

  2. Check Your Connection

    Shadow supports 1080p and 1440p resolutions at 144Hz refresh rates, as long as your internet connection and device can support these configurations. Try lowering your resolution or refresh rate or
    testing your internet connection.

For more information, see how to improve your experience on Shadow.

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