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See your plan for hardware specifications:


Shadow PC +

Graphics card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or equivalent

NVIDIA RTX 2080 or equivalent

NVIDIA Titan RTX or equivalent


3.4GHz+ with Intel® Turbo Boost (4 cores, 8 threads)

4GHz+ with Intel® Turbo Boost (4 cores, 8 threads)

4GHz+ with Intel® Turbo Boost (6 cores, 8 threads)




32GB, DDR4




1TB (1024GB) 

*1 Ultra and Infinite offers are no longer available for sale.

To see the prices of our different Offers, please see our shop.

If you still have an active Shadow PC subscription that was activated before June 28, 2023, please note that your current Offer might be slightly different.

Your Offer will remain unchanged as long as you do not cancel your active subscription.
If you want to benefit from the updated Offer (Shadow PC +), please backup your data, cancel your current subscription, and subscribe to the updated Offer on our shop.

For information about our other Offers and Upgrades, please see our dedicated articles:
Power Upgrade - FAQ
Shadow PC Pro Offers - FAQ

Shadow is available for sale in many countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, and some areas of the United States.

Visit to see if Shadow is available in your area.

To download the Shadow app onto your device, visit the Downloads website.

If you have the Shadow Ghost or Shadow Box, you don't need to install an application. You only need to turn on your device and log in.

Shadow is a great travel companion, but there are restrictions. If it takes too long for your internet connection to reach your data center, this will increase latency. Although travelling with Shadow is possible, your connection must still meet the requirements.

We do have a dual-screen feature available.
See our article How to Enable Multi-Screen on Shadow for help enabling and testing this feature.

Mining cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.) violates our Terms of Use and will result in the immediate termination of your Shadow subscription without a refund.

For more rules that may result in termination, see what we do not allow on Shadow.

Shadow recommends a minimum download speed of 15Mb/s. Some devices manufactured on or before 2012 may not function properly.

For specific requirements, see our system requirements and network requirements articles.

Due to hardware and software updates from manufacturers, requirements are subject to change at any time.

Installing a VPN on Shadow may disrupt the service or even cause it to crash, and as such, we do not recommend VPNs.
If you've installed a VPN on Shadow, it may be impossible to recover without requiring a factory reset.

See more on using a VPN with Shadow.

Networks outside of your home may have restrictions set by an administrator for security purposes. These restrictions can interfere with Shadow. If you're having difficulties starting or using Shadow, contact your network administrator for help.

Your administrator may find these articles helpful:

You'll receive an email confirming when your Shadow has been activated once it is fully set up in our Datacenter.
While you wait, feel free to download Shadow onto your devices.
You can set up Shadow after you've received your confirmation.

To learn more, see how to get started with Shadow.

You can change your email address or password from your Customer Space. See how to change your email or password.

You can cancel your Shadow subscription from your Customer Space.

To learn more, see how to cancel your Shadow subscription.

You can delete your account once the subscription has been terminated and all past invoices have been paid.

Shadow uses an IP address filtering system, proprietary protocols, and other security methods to keep your Shadow account secure.

Additional storage is sold as an additional subscription or "add-on" to your existing Shadow subscription.
To see if additional storage or other add-ons are available in your service area, check your account page or our shop if you do not have an existing subscription.

It is not possible to have additional storage without an active Shadow subscription.
We recommend our Shadow Drive solution for storing your documents and photos.

It is possible to delete your extra storage for an extended period of time without being charged, but the data associated with your storage will be deleted.
Back up any important data stored on the (D:) drive before removing storage from your account.

Once your order has been confirmed, it can take up to 2 hours for your additional storage to appear on your Shadow.

Shut down and start Windows to activate your additional storage on Shadow.
For more information, see I ordered additional storage but didn't see it on my Shadow

The maximum amount of additional storage you can add per Shadow account is 20 increments of 256GB or 5TB in total. This amount does not change according to the main storage amount included in your offer.

To remove partially or completely your additional storage, please contact Support.

Once your order for additional storage has been placed, you will immediately pay a pro-rated fee.
The pro-rated fee is calculated based on the number of days remaining before the next invoice of your current Shadow subscription.
The next invoice will include the full price for one month.

The old prices for additional storage (1TB) at the preferential rate do not change as long as you do not cancel your active Shadow subscription.

Additional storage disks are standard HDD (Hard Disk Drives).

Any added storage will appear on a separate, single D: drive on Shadow, regardless of how much storage is included with your subscription.

No. Additional storage is not formatted when resetting your Shadow.

You should see changes the next time you log in to Shadow unless otherwise specified.

It may take up to 2 hours to process storage changes.

Removing additional storage will delete all data on the (D:) disk drive. Back up any important data stored on the (D:) drive before removing storage from your account.

Still have questions after reading this article?
Feel free to check out our other articles.
You can also contact Shadow support via our form.