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I experienced an FPS drop in-game


If while gaming you notice a dramatic drop in FPS while gaming on your Shadow PC, this guide can help you resolve the problem.

The first step is to check the status of your graphics drivers, which may either be obsolete or improperly installed. To do so, we recommend referring to this article which outlines the procedure: How do I update my NVIDIA drivers?

Various manipulations are likely to resolve this problem.

  • If your Shadow Box or Shadow Ghost is connected to a television, activate "game mode", if applicable.

  • Disable V-Sync and triple buffering.

  • If the problem occurs within a game, make sure that the refresh rate is aligned with the display rate of your screen. (Example: 60Hz screen = Maximum refresh rate: 60fps)

  • If the problem occurs within a game, consider reducing the graphics quality, antialiasing, or anisotropic filtering settings to enhance fluidity. In some cases, lowering the resolution can yield additional performance improvements in specific games.

  • Turn off automatic GeForce Experience optimization, if the app is installed.

  • Turn off your Shadow's Windows at each end of use in order to avoid the automatic power off and therefore performance drops.

  • Deactivate overlays, such as those from Discord, NVIDIA, Overwolf, and similar applications, as they may disrupt the proper functioning of certain games.


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