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Shadow does not display what I type with my keyboard


If Shadow does not display the characters you have entered using your keyboard, your keyboard layout may not be compatible with your Shadow's language settings.

Refer to your operating system below for instructions on how to change your keyboard layout:

icons8-windows-client-24.png Windows

Click on your operating system to access the corresponding documentation:

rebranding-ios.png macOS

Some macOS keyboards may not work properly with the Windows keyboard functionality in Shadow.
As a result, typing specific keys in Shadow may produce incorrect results, such as the tilde key "~".

If you are using an Apple Mac Keyboard on macOS, you can update your keyboard layout directly via the launcher by accessing the "General" section then clicking "Advanced Settings" > "Apple Mac Keyboard".

Otherwise, you can download and install an application to reorganize your keys on your Shadow PC.

We recommend using the Sharpkeys application.

For a list of other recommendations, see the PC Mag article.


It may also happen that, a few keys on your keyboard do not work properly. In this case, the editor (Samsung, Apple, etc) will need to update their keyboard to fix it. After some research, we discovered that usually, Gboard is the keyboard with fewer issues.

To install it, you need to download it from the Play Store .

Then, activate it to replace your old native keyboard .

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You can also contact Shadow support via our form.