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I installed USB Peripherals but my device is not forwarded in my Shadow


You have followed the procedure to connect an USB Device to Shadow, but it is not working correctly. This page will help you troubleshooting your problem.

I can't tick the checkbox

You try to check the tickbox of your device, but it doesn't check:


You have to completly re-install the USB Peripherals driver:

  1. Stop your Shadow and go in your Launcher Settings.

  2. At the setting "USB Peripherals", click on the "Uninstall drivers" button: desinstaller_pilotes.png

  3. Complety restart your local computer. If you're not doing that, USB Drivers won't uninstall properly.

  4. Restart Shadow application and reinstall USB Peripherals.

Your device should be correctly forwarded after the reinstall:


I forwarded a device, but it disappears

You correctly configured USB Peripherals and the device worked. But it just disappears from Shadow.
First of all, check that all your devices are displayed in the Quick Menu and that there are forwarded.

If there are forwarded but you can use them inside Shadow, click on Remove all devices button in the Quick Menu:


If this manipulation doesn't work, do not hesitate to eject the device on your local computer, than retry to connect it.