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About Automatic Shutdown and Shadow


After long periods of inactivity, Shadow will automatically shut down to ensure its services are allocated and performing optimally, shutting down Windows entirely. Automatic shutdown helps our teams maintain our data centers, prevent hardware damages, conserve power, and uphold our Rules and Restrictions. It also helps dedicate our resources to users currently using their Shadows.

For more information about shutdown, choose one of the following options below that best describes your situation or question:

Online Shutdown

Online Shutdown occurs when the Shadow application is connected, but there is no user activity, even if a program is running.

A notification window will appear after 30 minutes of inactivity. This timer may change due based on current demand. To resolve this notification, move your mouse, press a key, or input any other controls using your mouse or keyboard.


Offline Shutdown

Offline shutdown occurs when you are not directly connected to your Shadow. This happens if you close the application, your Shadow Ghost, or Shadow Box without shutting down Windows.

Shadow will notify you immediately with a 30-minute warning. To prevent Shadow from shutting down, make sure your device is turned on and you are actively using the Shadow within 30 minutes of exiting Shadow.


📝 Note: Automatic shutdown cannot be disabled on your Shadow. Remember to save your work before you stop using Shadow.

How does automatic shutdown help me?

When a high volume of users are connected to Shadow, this creates higher inbound traffic to our data centers. Using automatic shutdown helps dedicate our resources to users who are connected and want the best experience.

Can I turn automatic shutdown off?

The short answer is no, unfortunately. Automatic shutdown was added with the intention of ensuring our users are using Shadow while the service is on.

Unless you are actively using Shadow, it is not possible to circumvent automatic shutdown. Attempting to do so violates our Terms of Use.

If you have questions about automatic shutdown after reading this article, contact us for assistance!