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Using an Antivirus or Firewall with Shadow


Not all antivirus programs are compatible with Shadow, and some may prevent Shadow from performing as intended. A ntiviruses may also detect, interfere with, and block Shadow's services.  If an antivirus is installed on your local device or Shadow, you may experience longer startup times or have difficulty accessing Shadow. Before you install an antivirus or firewall on Shadow, learn how to backup your data.

How do I stop my antivirus or firewall from blocking Shadow?

We recommend temporarily disabling your antivirus while using Shadow. Most antivirus applications update frequently, and their compatibility with Shadow is subject to change at any time. If you prefer to keep your antivirus or firewall, see if the application offers "whitelisting" or the ability to add exceptions. For more information, see our article about Firewalls and Shadow.

Can I install an antivirus or firewall on Shadow?

You may use the default Windows Security features included with Shadow. Installing other antivirus or security applications on Shadow may interfere with your service.

Which antivirus or firewall is safe to use with Shadow?

Shadow recommends using antivirus and firewall services provided by Windows Defender. Windows Defender is integrated and preinstalled with most Windows operating systems, which makes this application less likely to cause issues with Shadow. Alternatively, our partners at F-Secure have modified their antivirus and firewall applications to ensure their compatibility with Shadow. 

I installed an antivirus or firewall on Shadow and now it won't start.

Installing an antivirus or firewall onto Shadow may prevent your stream from connecting to your device, and you may be required to reset Shadow to resolve the issue. You may also contact Support and provide the name of the antivirus or firewall you've installed as well as its version number for assistance.

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