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About the Usage Stats Panel


When streaming Shadow, you'll see a Usage Stats panel to the right of the Quick Menu. The Usage Stats helps you see data about your Shadow's performance. This data includes your frame rate, bandwidth, latency, and connection drops (or packet loss), all displayed as graphs.

Frame Rate

Measures how many frames (or images) are displayed on your Shadow per second. This is also referred to as "frames per second" or FPS.

If Shadow is not streaming a game, video, or other moving images, the graph will be flat (A). Shadow's frame rate will increase when it streams any moving images (B).


Shadow can display up to 144FPS (frames per second) on screens with a 1080p resolution. 4K resolution screens can display up to 60FPS. To set a frame rate for Shadow, Open the Quick Menu and click the Display tab.


Shows how much bandwidth your internet connection is using to stream Shadow. This increases when you do any activity on Shadow. Shadow will only use as much data as it needs.

In the graph below, we can see when Shadow was idle (A), when we opened a Google Chrome browser (B), and when we started watching YouTube videos (C).


You can lower your bandwidth in the Quick Menu or the launcher. Some users do this if they want Shadow to use less data.


Displays the amount of time it takes for your connection to communicate with our data centers, in milliseconds. Latency is relative to your internet connection. If this graph is unstable or exceeds 35ms, this may cause you to experience high latency or "lag". Using a 5GHz Wifi connection or Ethernet cable may help lower latency.

Connection Drops (Packet Loss)

Displays the percentage of packets lost between your connection and Shadow.  P acket loss can cause lag, stuttering, freezing, or worse. You can prevent packet loss by restarting your router, using a 5GHz Wifi connection or Ethernet cable, or connecting to a different network. See Network Requirements and Optimization for more help addressing packet loss.

In the graph below, packet loss increased when we switched to a 2.4GHz WiFi connection.