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Tips for Using the Shadow Ghost


⚠️ Please note that Hardware issues related to Shadow Boxes and Shadow Ghosts are no longer supported by the Support Team.
Software-related issues remain supported.

Ready to use your Shadow Ghost to its fullest potential? See this guide for tips on maintaining, updating, and configuring your Shadow Ghost.

Connecting Your Shadow Ghost

Use the official power supply provided with your Shadow Ghost. Using another power supply may damage the hardware and render the Shadow Ghost inoperable. For more information, see how to set up your Shadow Ghost.

Switching the Shadow Ghost On and Off

To turn on the Shadow Ghost, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the red LED light turns on. The power button is located at the front of the Shadow Ghost.


To turn off the Shadow Ghost, you can use these three methods:

  • From the login screen, click the power button located at the bottom right.

  • From the Windows desktop, open the Start menu, then click the power button. Confirm you'd like to shut down the Shadow Ghost.

  • On the Shadow Ghost, hold down the power button for 7 seconds until the red LED light turns off. This method is not recommended.

Changing the Shadow Ghost Settings

To change the Settings for your Shadow Ghost, o pen the launcher, then click the Settings gear_icon.png icon.

💡 Tip: Can't find the launcher? Log in to Shadow or press the power button once.

From the Settings, you can change your Allocated Bandwidth, switch to the Beta or Official version of Shadow, and more.

Using the Beta Version

The Shadow Ghost includes a Beta version, which allows you to test new features, updates, or fixes before they're available on the Official version. Like our applications, you can switch to the Beta version of Shadow at any time.

To access the Beta version or switch to the Official version, go to the Settingsgear_icon.png, located in the Shadow Ghost launcher.

🚨 Warning: An update is required whenever switching to or from the Beta version. This update helps restore or add any features needed to run the Beta version. Do not turn off your Shadow Ghost between updates.

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