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⚠️ Please note that Hardware issues related to Shadow Boxes and Shadow Ghosts are no longer supported by the Support Team.
Software-related issues remain supported.

Table of Contents

General Questions

Ordering & Shipping

Returns & Exchanges

Technical Questions

General Questions

Where can I order a Shadow Ghost?

It is not currently possible to order a Shadow Ghost.

How much does the Shadow Ghost cost?

Below are the prices we've previously offered in each region where the Shadow Ghost was sold:

United Kingdom


United States


France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany




Prices may vary by promotion.

What are the benefits of the Shadow Ghost compared to the Shadow Box?

The Shadow Ghost is silent, smaller, lighter, and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, meaning it can connect to wireless devices. Plus, the design is really cool!


What are the dimensions of the Shadow Ghost?

The Shadow Ghost weighs less than a pound (190 grams) and measures 7x5x2 inches (182x123x50mm).

What is the Shadow Ghost made of?

The Shadow Ghost is made of a matte plastic base of standard PC-ABS.

Is it necessary to have a Shadow subscription if I purchase a Shadow Ghost?

Yes! The Shadow Ghost is not a subscription replacement, but it is convenient for those who need a device for Shadow.

Can I change the color of the LED?

Sorry, we liked the color red so much and chose this as the exclusive LED color.

Is it possible to change the brightness of the LED?

No, but this may be an option in the future.

How much power does the Shadow Ghost consume?

When turned on and in use, the Shadow Ghost consumes around 7 Watts per hour.

Returns & Exchanges

Does the Shadow Ghost have a warranty?

The Shadow Ghost has a guaranteed warranty protecting you against technical issues for 2 years, provided you have purchased the Shadow Ghost via your own Shadow account.

Can I exchange my old Shadow Box with a Shadow Ghost?

It is currently not possible to exchange your Shadow Box for a Shadow Ghost.

Where should I send my Shadow Ghost for repair if it's damaged?

If your Shadow Ghost is under warranty, contact a Support Hero to request a free Shadow Ghost exchange. We may repair or replace the Shadow Ghost, depending on whether the issue can be fixed. Contact us to see if your Shadow Ghost is still under warranty.

Who pays the shipping cost to exchange the Shadow Ghost?

We do! In the event of a technical problem with your Shadow Ghost, we will take care of the shipping costs for you.

How long does it take to exchange my Shadow Ghost?

Once we receive confirmation your Shadow Ghost has arrived at our warehouse or office, it shouldn't take more than 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) for us complete your exchange. Holidays or other national events may cause longer wait times.

Technical Questions

Is the Shadow Ghost dual-screen compatible?

At the moment, no, but we are working on this feature.

Does the Shadow Ghost support a 1080p/144hz display?

Thanks to the HDMI 2.0 port, the Shadow Ghost is capable of streaming in 1080p/144Hz and even 4K/60Hz. You can also use the Shadow Ghost to stream 2K/120Hz.

Does Shadow start automatically when I turn on the Shadow Ghost?

No, it does not. To start Shadow, log in using your account credentials, then click Start.

Can the Shadow Ghost remember my login credentials?

To avoid having to enter your login information each time you start Shadow, check the Remember me box. Your Shadow Ghost will automatically log in when you turn it on.

What operating system is installed on the Shadow Ghost?

The Shadow Ghost uses a Linux-derived home operating system specifically designed for the Ghost.

Can I install another operating system on the Shadow Ghost?

It is possible to install another operating system, but attempting to do so may cause irreparable damage and will void the warranty. You can, however, update your Shadow's Windows 10 operating system.

How long will Shadow continue maintaining the Shadow Ghost operating system?

We are constantly working on the Shadow Ghost's operating system, including the launcher, and we will add new features and fixes regularly to improve your experience.

Will it be possible to turn on your Shadow Ghost remotely in the future?

It's not possible yet. The only way to turn on the Shadow Ghost is to press the power button.

What types of ports does the Shadow Ghost include?

The Shadow Ghost includes the following ports:

  • USB 3.0 (2)

  • USB 2.0 (2)

  • 3.5mm audio jack

  • HDMI 2.0 port

  • Ethernet

  • Power connector

Does the Shadow Ghost recognize all USB devices?

Although the Shadow Ghost recognizes an overwhelming majority of devices due to its design and potential, some USB devices may not work with the Shadow Ghost.

Most popular USB devices, such as controllers, webcams, and hard drives are compatible with Shadow, but require fast upload speeds (at least 50Mb/s) to maintain a constant stream.

Is it possible to set up the Shadow Ghost via Ethernet?

A Wi-Fi connection may be required to set up your Shadow Ghost and update the firmware before connecting an Ethernet cable. See how to set up your Shadow Ghost.

Is the Shadow Ghost compatible with 5GHz networks?

The Shadow Ghost works perfectly with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi networks. Like the Shadow app, we recommend connecting to a 5GHz network for faster data transmission.

Do I need a cable to pair my Bluetooth device with the Shadow Ghost?

Although a cable might help, you may not need one at all! To learn more, see how to pair a Bluetooth device with the Shadow Ghost.

What's the highest bandwidth setting available on the Shadow Ghost?

You can configure a maximum of 70Mb/s, which is more than enough to enjoy a perfect experience. Try lowering your bandwidth if there are any technical issues.

Is it possible to switch between the Beta and Official versions of Shadow on the Ghost?

Yes! Once you've logged in to your account on the Shadow Ghost, you can switch from one version to another. See our tips for using the Shadow Ghost!

How many devices can I connect to the Shadow Ghost at the same time?

You can connect as many devices as you want using a USB hub, preferably via an external power supply. However, your download and upload speeds may need enough bandwidth to support these devices.

Does the Shadow Ghost offer a more stable connection compared to the application?

Your connection stability depends on your network and not the device you use. However, the Shadow Ghost has been successful in helping users enjoy more peripherals, including a greater variety of controllers, webcams, and more.

Is it possible to connect a video capture card to the Shadow Ghost to record a game console or another PC?

You can use a capture card such as the Elgato on your Shadow Ghost, as long as your upload speed can support this device. Faster upload speeds will ensure your Shadow Ghost can detect the capture card and make your stream as fluid as possible.

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