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Which macOS app should I download to use Shadow PC?


In 2020, Apple introduced the M1 and M2 chips into its macOS-based product lineup. You will need to download the right Shadow PC app for your Mac to ensure Shadow is compatible with your Mac's hardware and architecture.

Determine whether your Mac is equipped with an Apple Silicon (M1/M2) or Intel processor following these steps:

Click on the Apple menu located in the upper left corner of your screen.

From the menu, choose About This Mac.

A window will open with information about your Mac, including its model name and operating system version

Locate the processor information. It should display either:

  • "Chip: Apple M1" or another Apple Silicon model.

  • "Processor: Intel" (e.g., "Intel Core i5" or similar).
    This information confirms the type of processor installed in your Mac.

Visit to download the appropriate version of Shadow for your system.

Note: Please be aware that this process is generally applicable to most macOS versions, including macOS Big Sur (11) and later.

However, the appearance of the "About This Mac" window may vary slightly depending on the specific version of macOS you are using.

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