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Benefits of Buying a Game Bundle from Shadow


Shadow offers game bundles, available for purchase from the shop page. When you buy a game through Shadow, you can benefit from either a free or discounted month off of your Shadow subscription.

In this article, we'll uncover how bundling a game with Shadow benefits you.

Note: Setup fees are not included with game bundles.

What is a game bundle?

Shadow's game bundle allows users, both new and existing, to purchase game keys through Shadow. In return, you will receive a free or discounted month of your Shadow subscription via a coupon.

Who can benefit from game bundles?

Game bundles are accessible to all users, including new, returning, and active subscribers.

New and returning users

As a new or returning user, you will have the opportunity to receive a coupon when you purchase a game while checking out on the shop.

This coupon will be applied to your first month's subscription automatically before you submit your payment.

Existing users

Existing customers can also benefit from game bundles. When you purchase games from your account space, a coupon is automatically applied to your account, to be used for the upcoming billing cycle.

When do I benefit from my free or discounted month?

The coupon for new and returning users is applied to the first month, while existing users will enjoy it in the subsequent month.

How will I receive my game key?

Game keys are delivered via email as soon as the game is released, allowing immediate access and play.

More about game bundles

Please be aware that game keys are available in limited quantities.

Once the stock is depleted, the bundle offer will be removed from the shop. We recommend taking advantage of these deals promptly if there's a game you're interested in.

Purchasing a game bundle with an existing subscription will not affect your billing dates. Your subscription will continue without interruption.

Still have questions after reading this article?

Feel free to check out our other articles.

You can also contact Shadow support via our form.