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How to reset your Shadow password


If you want to update your password or if you have forgotten it and need to reset it, you can follow the corresponding section below for instructions:

Do not hesitate to also check our other authentication methods:

Note: Upon subscribing to Shadow, you can log in as soon as your Shadow has been activated.

Once the activation process is complete, an email confirmation will be sent to you.

How to Recover a Forgotten Password

Visit and go to the login page.

Click on "Forgot Password."

Enter the email address associated with your Shadow Account.

Check your inbox for a password reset email.

Use the provided link in the email to change your password.

How to Change Your Password on Your Account

Log in to your Shadow account through your browser.

Navigate to the "Account" tab in your Account Page on Shadow.

Click on "Change my password."

Click on "Save."

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You can also contact Shadow support via our form.