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Shadow PC in Browser - FAQ


Shadow PC in Browser lets you use your Shadow PC on the Chrome browser without having to set up anything.

More browsers might become compatible later on.

You can access it by clicking the following link and logging in:
Your Shadow PC will be displayed in windowed mode by default when it is ready.

To exit your Shadow PC session, click the home button on your Quick Menu.

Shadow PC in Browser can be used with:

  • A screen resolution of up to 2K (60 Hz).

  • Aspect ratios up to 16:9 or 16:10.

    We have identified potential issues with these screen resolution and aspect ratio ranges. Our teams are currently investigating to provide ranges for an optimal experience.


Your device should support the H.264 video codec and meet our internet requirements.

Additionally, it is important that you keep your browser up-to-date in order to use Shadow in Browser.

Compatible Offers

Shadow PC in Browser is compatible with the following Offers:

Available Settings & Features

Basic settings, including the management of your streaming mode at start and your Shadow PC language, will be available in a future release.

More advanced settings and features are only available on our other applications.

The following settings and features are not included:

Features that need permission (Microphone and Copy-paste)

Shadow In Browser is our new Shadow PC solution accessible directly from your Browser and Chrome optimizer.
We have recently developed new features, such as copy and paste between your Local and the Shadow In Browser, the Microphone option, and certainly others will follow.

These options will only work if you have the correct permissions.

Note: The first time you launch Shadow in Browser, you'll be asked for permission.

Once accepted, the functionality will be available in your Shadow PC experience.

If you don't accept them, you have to change the permissions directly in your Browser settings otherwise you won't be able to use them.

See how to Change site settings permissions.


You can set up to 4 controllers with plug-and-play or Bluetooth.

Some controllers may not be supported on your browser due to browser limitations.

Please look at the table below to find out if your controller is compatible or not depending on the browser and Operating System that you use:

Compatibility Key:



The controller works with a wired connection and has rumble*1 support.
The controller works with a Bluetooth connection and has rumble*1 support.
The controller works with a wired connection but doesn’t have rumble*1 support.
The controller works with a Bluetooth connection but doesn’t have rumble*1 support.

No controller support.

*1 Rumble: Physical feedback and vibrations you feel in your controller.

Windows 10
Linux 22.04 LTS
MacOS Ventura





Xbox 360


Xbox Series X


Quick Menu:

On your Shadow PC in Browser session, you have access to the Quick Menu with several options available:

To open the Quick Menu, log into the Shadow launcher, then Start Shadow PC in Browser.

Once Shadow PC in Browser starts, click on the Shadow logo quickmenu.png located at the top of the screen.




Close the Quick Menu


Choose to display Shadow in full screen or windowed mode.

Stop and starts Shadow’s stream.
Best used after changing Shadow’s settings.

Go back to your Home screen.

Known Issues

Although our Shadow PC applications can benefit from our expertise to fine-tune streaming and offer you features to customize your experience, the web version is limited by the capabilities of your browser. Consequently, Shadow PC in Browser can be subject to more added latency. For better performance, please download our Shadow PC applications.

  1. On the launcher, there is no shutdown warning for the moment.

  2. You may experience some issues by using a screen resolution of up to 2K (60 Hz) and/or aspect ratios up to 16:9 or 16:10.
    Our teams are currently investigating to provide ranges for an optimal experience.

  3. If you become stuck in fullscreen mode, please press and hold the Escape key to return to windowed mode.



There are no shortcuts proper to Shadow PC in Browser.

Native shortcuts such as Alt+F4 will only work in your Shadow PC if you are using the full-screen mode.

For the moment, the automatic shutdown is activated after 30 minutes of inactivity when you are connected to your Shadow PC or after 1 hour if you are not directly connected to your Shadow PC.

Please note that there is no shutdown warning in the Shadow PC in Browser launcher.

Shadow PC in Browser is not compatible with our VR application.

Shadow PC in Browser is compatible with iPV6.

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