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How to set up Shadow VR


Virtual Reality (or VR, for short) is one of the most highly immersive experiences offered in gaming, education, design, business, and virtually any other software imaginable (no pun intended). The Shadow VR app can help bring your PC in the cloud to your wearable VR headset.

Warning: In rare cases, Shadow may flash, flicker, or appear distorted, which can potentially induce seizures in people sensitive to certain lights, patterns, or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures.

What you'll need

  • Computer with Windows or macOS installed

  • Meta Quest 1 or 2 headset and controllers (account required)

  • SideQuest app (account required)

  • Steam and Steam VR apps (account required)

  • Shadow VR app

Step 1: Prepare Shadow for VR

To use Shadow VR, you must have Steam and the SteamVR package installed on your Shadow. If SteamVR is not installed, Shadow VR will fail to launch.

  1. Download and install Steam onto your Shadow.

  2. Open Steam and enter your Steam username and password. If you don't have a Steam account, you can create an account for free.

  3. Check the box next to Remember me if you'd like to have Steam sign you in automatically next time.

  4. Click Sign In.

  5. Download and install SteamVR.

VR streams send heavy amounts of data over your internet connection. For the smoothest experience, Shadow VR has the following requirements:

  • 5GHz WiFi internet connection

  • Minimum download speed of 50Mbps or more

  • A stable internet connection

Note: Unstable connections and slow download speeds may be more noticeable on VR. You can troubleshoot your internet connection if you notice any stuttering, freezing, lagging, or other issues with the stream.

Shadow VR relies on a stable internet connection. To let Shadow choose the most optimal settings for your connection:

  1. Open the Shadow launcher on your computer.

  2. Click the Settingsicons8-settings-24.png icon.

  3. Click Streaming to the left.

  4. Change the following settings:

    1. Under Maximum bit rate, choose Auto detect.

    2. Check the box next to Adapt max bit rate to network conditions.

      If you plan on using the Meta Quest microphone, you can enable the microphone from the Shadow VR home screen

Step 2: Set your Oculus to developer mode

Because Shadow VR is not available on the Oculus Store, you'll need to set up your Oculus account as a developer to use third-party apps. Follow all of the steps listed on the Oculus developer website.

Step 3: Download SideQuest and Shadow VR

  1. Plug your Meta Quest headset into your computer.

  2. Go to the SideQuest store to search for Shadow.

  3. Click Download App (Sideload). This will download the Shadow VR app and send it directly to the headset, as long as it's on and connected to your computer.

  4. Accept any communications or prompts that appear during setup.

You can also watch the tutorial from SideQuest below for help using the SideQuest app.

Note: SideQuest is a third-party app store designed to help you sideload apps to your Oculus Quest. Sideloading is the act of installing software obtained from a third-party source rather than an official retailer onto your device. You'll need to download SideQuest and create an account if you don't have one already. Shadow VR is only available on the SideQuest store at this time.

Step 4: Start Shadow VR

It's time to gear up! Once you equip your Meta Quest headset, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Select the Apps icon.

  2. Next, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select Unknown Sources.

  4. Search for and select Shadow VR.

  5. The Shadow VR app will start and the home screen will appear.

On the Shadow VR home screen, four buttons will be available:






Start Shadow VR

Starts streaming Steam VR and your game library



Streams the Shadow desktop and a virtual keyboard



Views settings specific to the Shadow VR app



Stops streaming Shadow

To log out of the Shadow VR app, click the Log out Logout.png button next to your name.

Click the Settings icons8-settings-24.png button on the home screen to change the following settings:



Enable microphone

Uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to stream the input of your microphone to your Shadow

Start Shadow VR automatically

Skip the home screen

Send logs

In the bottom-right corner, select Send Logs to share technical feedback with our developers.

Note: Shadow VR app updates are available via SideQuest. You'll receive a notification each time an update is available. Updates are not automatically installed.

Send feedback to Shadow

Since the Shadow VR app relies on third-party software and devices, we appreciate all of the feedback our users can offer. If our Support team requests logs following your most recent Shadow session, use the Send Logs button in the Shadow VR Settings. You can also send us feedback through the SideQuest app or on the Shadow Discord server.

If you need assistance with SideQuest, Steam, or any other third-party app or peripheral, we recommend you contact the developer or manufacturer for assistance.

Disclaimer: Although Shadow is compatible with many peripherals and applications, compatibility may change at any time due to updates, changes via third parties, or local network conditions.