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How do I add more storage to Shadow?


You can add storage to your Shadow using one of these two methods:

📝 Note: Additional storage is only available in specific service areas at this time. If additional storage is unavailable, we'll announce when we've added more storage capacity to our data centers

Order additional storage

You can order storage from your account page or visit the store if you're a new customer. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to add or remove storage. Additional storage will appear as a (D:) drive on your Shadow.

Shut down your Shadow prior to adding or removing storage. When removing storage, this will format and delete your entire (D:) drive.


How much storage can I order from Shadow?

If storage is available, you can order up to 2TB of storage in increments of 256GB. Add as much storage as you'd like.

I added storage. When will I be billed?

Shadow bills you when your billing cycle starts. If your billing cycle has already started, we'll add a second prorated fee to your next month's invoice. You won't see any additional fees unless you add more storage.

When can I remove storage?

You can remove storage at any time. Once your storage has been removed, we'll issue you a prorated refund or credit. Refunds and credits will be calculated depending on:

  • How much time remains on your current billing cycle

  • How much storage was removed

Where can I go for updates on additional storage?

We ask that you subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates regarding additional storage .

Cloud Storage and USB Drives

Shadow can support some hard drives and USB flash drives. Here are the minimum requirements to use these devices:

  • Fast upload speeds, up to 40Mb/s in most cases

  • Low latency, less than 30ms

  • No packet loss

Why can't Shadow detect my USB storage device?

Test your connection to see if Shadow can support your USB drive and check the minimum requirements above.

To use USB drives, enable USB Peripherals. You can find this feature on the Shadow launcher in the Settings. For USB Peripherals to work, your device will need to support USB forwarding. For more information about USB Peripherals, see how to connect a USB device to Shadow.

How do I backup my data on Shadow?

You can use a hard drive or USB flash drive to back up your data. You can also use a cloud storage provider, such as Shadow Drive, Google Drive or OneDrive. See more about backing up your data. Likewise, you can also use this method to transfer files to your Shadow.

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