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Failed Update - Access your Shadow PC with the Recovery Mode


The Recovery Mode is an environment similar to the ALPHA, BETA, and PROD environments that only includes the essential components necessary to operate your Shadow PC.

Recovery Mode allows you to access your Shadow PC with fewer features if you are facing update issues.

When the update is fixed, you will be able to go back to the environment of your choice (PROD, BETA, or ALPHA) whether you accessed the Recovery Mode or not in the meantime.

This Mode is available with all Shadow Applications and Clients except Shadow Boxes, Shadow Ghosts, and Shadow VR.

If you encounter an update issue with a Shadow application or client that is compatible with the Recovery Mode, avoid starting Shadow via an application or client that is not compatible with the Recovery Mode until the issue is resolved.

How can I access Recovery Mode?

If your Shadow PC has failed to update successfully, you'll encounter one of the following scenarios:

  • You'll be invited to enter Recovery Mode by clicking “Continue Anyway”.

  • You'll receive an error code on your launcher. This means that one of the components necessary to launch the Recovery Mode could not be installed on your Shadow PC.

Will the Recovery Mode fix my update issues?

The Recovery Mode does not fix update issues. It only allows you to have limited access to your Shadow PC until the issue that caused the update fail is fixed.

What can I do to fix my update issues?

To attempt to fix your update installation, you need to restart your Shadow PC by following the instructions below:

  1. On your launcher, click the help_button.png Help menu, then clickoff.png to Shut down your Shadow PC.

  2. Wait 10 minutes.

  3. Start your Shadow PC.

  4. If the issue persists, please contact Support and mention which U-20x Error Code you received if you got one.

Which features are unavailable with the Recovery Mode?

The Recovery Mode doesn’t support Microphones and Controllers, meaning that you cannot use those devices with it.


Yes, you will keep your data when switching from your current environment to the Recovery Mode.

No, it is not possible. The Recovery Mode is only intended to give you access to your Shadow PC in case of update issues for now.

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