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Our teams are committed to ensuring your service is as efficient, safe, and secure as possible. If you're curious about how Shadow protects your data, read this article for answers to the following questions:

What are Shadow's protection protocols today?

Although Shadow is hosted in high-security data centers, two other features make Shadow's security unique:

  • An IP address filtering system

  • A proprietary protocol for Blade called "SUFP".

Even if a malicious individual were able to steal data, they would then have the added challenge of "interpreting" that data in order to use it.

We've also created what users can think of as a "tunnel" between the data center and your Shadow, similar to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows Shadow to offer secure browsing, adding an extra layer of protection when accessing confidential data such as your banking information or passwords.

Shadow will eventually create a unique key encryption channel every time you log in. With this new system, your data will be encrypted with an SSL certificate.

How does Shadow protect its data centers?

As Shadow is hosted in data centers, we have network and infrastructure professionals in charge. Our professionals have better tools and offer increased protection compared to an average home PC.

In the event of an attempt to hack our data centers, the intruder will have to pass through our multiple firewalls and will be detected by Blade. This alerts our teams, who will then take the necessary measures.

Additionally, thanks to our IP address filtering system, they will need to target a specific Shadow, making it much more difficult for a potential intruder.

Can Shadow protect my account from hacking?

On Shadow, you control its security, just like on a classic PC. This includes your antivirus as well as refraining from any activity prohibited in our code of conduct. (See our terms of use).

Note: Our Terms of Use for Individuals are available via the following links.

We encourage you to review the Terms of Use related to your location:

Each user has their own environment, isolated from other users, with their own hardware and their own dedicated resources. This eliminates any risk of your data leaking to another account, or of your data being accessed by a user using their own Shadow.

In addition, your Shadow runs on servers located in Europe and the United States, managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a dedicated team and secured with the same technologies used by banks. Our data centers also have effective protections against cyberattacks, including firewalls against DDOS attacks.

As with any computer, we also recommend creating a strong, unique password for your Shadow account. Avoid using the same password used for other accounts and consider using a password manager.

Your data is much better protected in our data centers than a PC at home.

Can you see what I'm doing in Shadow?

Only users have access to their Shadow and only they know what is stored. Our systems will monitor your hardware usage to control temperatures and power consumption in our data centers.


Where is my data stored?

Your Shadow is located in a secure data center closest to the service address provided at purchase, in Europe or the United States.

Shadow is subject to data protection regulations in France or California (United States), depending on your customer service location.


Can I permanently erase all my stored data?

Yes, just like you would on your own computer or device. To reset Shadow to its factory settings, but keep your account, see how to reset your Shadow.

If you have canceled your subscription and want to delete your account, see how to delete your personal data.

💬 Note: We do not have the ability to recover your data if it has already been deleted, but we will consider new data features as needed.

Still have questions after reading this article?

Feel free to check out our other articles.

You can also contact Shadow support via our form.