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Change the language for Windows 10


You can change the language on Windows 10 any time after you've started your Shadow subscription. To change the language, refer to Microsoft's article Manage display language settings in Windows.

In rare cases, some users have reported that the Windows 10 operating system on Shadow is displayed in French. For help changing the Windows language from French, see the instructions below.

  1. Click the Start Menu icon, then type "settings".

  2. Click Paramètres.


  3. Click Heure et langue.


  4. Choose a language from the langue d'affichage Windows menu, or under Langues préférées, click Ajouter une langue to install the language you want if it isn't listed.

    You may need to specify your language region or dialect. Some English options, for example, include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  5. Restart Windows from the Start menu to submit your changes.

Once Shadow has restarted, Windows will display your newly installed language instead of the previous one. If you still have trouble, consider initiating a factory reset.

For help with other applications, refer to the tutorials, guides, and help articles from those manufacturers.