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How to connect a controller with Windows Server 2019?


In order to connect your controllers to your Shadow PC, please follow these instructions:

Note: In order to use your PlayStation controllers, please enable Playstation controllers extended compatibility in your Quick Menu.

  1. Click on the icons8-search-24.png magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Search for "Server Manager" (which is a tool specific to Windows Server) and click on the suggestion of the same name.

  3. Go to the top right of the server manager window to the icons8-1st-20.png "Manage" tab, then click icons8-circled-2-20.png "Add Roles and Features".


  4. Click several times on "Next" in the window that opens until you reach the "Features" tab.

  5. In the icons8-1st-20.png "Features" tab, check the icons8-circled-2-20.png "fonctionnalités de .NET Framework 3.5" box. On the bottom left part of the window, click icons8-circled-3-20.png "Next", then "Install". When the installation is complete, close the window.


  6. Then, install the following driver by clicking on this link: (download and run your .exe program).

  7. Restart your Shadow PC to complete the installation and use your controllers.

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